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Ailex next-gen products on 2021 CMEF

2021 - 07 -02

Upon the arrival of a warm spring, we welcomed the very 84th Spring CMEF at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.  After one year of research and development, Ailex Technology Group announced its brand new next-gen product at the beginning of 2021, the Automatic Clinical Biochemical Analyzer AS-2450(M), marking a new milestone in the field of IVD biochemical testing.


The AS-2450(M) is a new type of biochemistry analyzer with premium features and distinctive functions, made possible by a profound R&D operation conducted by Ailex Technology Group and international top-tier biochemical manufacture enterprises, as well as our spirit of continuous innovation and evolution.  The throughput reaches up to 2400 tests per hour. The analyzer’s advanced sample pre-treatment technology makes the time analysis takes per sample shorter, sample split injection more accurate and stable, while inflicting less sample consumption.


With Circulated Oil Bath Thermostat Technology being adopted, the temperature within a large capacity cuvette is under rather balanced and accurate restraint. Also, the maintenance process becomes simpler.


Double-tray Reagent Refrigerating System is compatible with reagent bottles of various sizes and is capable of intelligent reagent storage management. 


Smart mixing & cleaning system acts as a variety of mixing modes by reciprocating & rotating to meet different needs; the cleaning system, with various built-in cleaning procedures, can effectively reduce the carrying contamination rate of sampling needle, dilution cuvette and reaction cuvette.


The analyzer can be directly connected to different types of rack sampling system or lab automation system without any modification, making the construction of integrated laboratory simpler and cheaper.


Ailex Technology Group highly values the needs of users' standardization construction. Ailex is the very first mover among all domestic IVD enterprises producing both biochemistry analyzers and special test-basis reagent packages under the same brand. Ailex also achieved “four in one, that is, special reagents, instruments, calibration and quality control are all conformed as one. As the traceability system being improved, it becomes more convenient for users to attain laboratory standardization. The test-basis reagent package brings evolution to the traditional biochemical reagent measurement method, eliminating the users’ concern about the cost generated by the conversion from milliliter to test numbers. With such, inter-party sharing innovation profits can thus be realized.


Founded in Shanghai in 2000, Ailex Technology Group is a high-end medical equipment manufacturer, focusing on the development, production and service of in vitro diagnostic instruments and reagents. The products cover the IVD fields, such as biochemistry assay, immunoassay, glycosylated hemoglobin analysis, allergen analysis and Laboratory automation system, etc.

Devoted to product development and technology innovation, Ailex Technology Group has set up two production bases and three R&D centers in Shanghai, Zhejiang province in China, and Shinyokohama in Japan respectively, and has built enterprise technology centers, which are recognized by the National Joint Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan and Academician Experts Workstation in Shanghai, in order that the company can provide advanced IVD products, comprehensive solutions and overall services to medical laboratories.

Ailex Technology Group always pays attention to quality, constantly improves the level of management, and advocates “Spirit of Craftsman” of pursuing optimum, striving for perfection and continuous optimization. In terms of quality management, the company has qualified GMP and ISO13485 certifications, and has been granted the honour of Credit A-level Shanghai Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise for the past 15 years.

Ailex Technology Group's marketing service network stretches out to all parts of the country, with 26 sales offices, 35 technical service centers, and nearly 100 engineers to provide all-round, timely and efficient technical services to customers across the country.

Ailex takes the development of domestic self-owned brand equipment as its responsibility, and is committed to the transformation from a medical equipment dealer to a high-end medical equipment manufacturer. Since 2010, the Group has invested more than 20% of annual sales revenue into R&D and production every year, taking advantages of Chinese and Japanese technical personnel to break through technical difficulties, strictly control quality, and continuously expand the production line. The company has successfully announced a series of products with great characteristics to the market: BRS laboratory automated system, high-speed automated allergen IgE antibody analyzer AD-3000 and biochemistry analyzer series led by the new generation of high-throughput automated biochemistry analyzer AS-2450 (M), and it will continue to launch innovative new IVD products in the following years.



Ailex Technology Group participated in the 2021 Spring CMEF and displayed all its products, including the new biochemistry analyzer AS-2450(M), BRS laboratory automated assembly line, automated allergen IgE antibody analyzer AD-3000, AIA-2000 immunoassay analyzer and G-11 HbA1c analyzer, etc., which provided first-hand experiences to the visitors.

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