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Based on the medical background of the founder Mr. Li Ziqiao, Ailex has established the mission of "dedicating to the vitality of human health" at the very beginning of its establishment. At the same time, Ailex has taken "becoming a respected technology enterprise" as the vision of the company. It has made continuous efforts in the field of in vitro diagnosis and biotechnology, and never stopped exploring.


Under the guidance of such belief, Ailex began to introduce different series of products with leading technology in 2001, continuously carried out academic and product promotion at the level of domestic hospital users at all levels, and established a five-star technical service system covering the whole country to provide customers with high-quality technical services.


In order to better meet customer demand simultaneously, by the mode of combination of introduced advanced technology and independent research and development, Ailex dedicates to promote the industrialization of companies upgrade and transformation, and develop the company into a collection of R&D, production, sales and service in one of the professional medical technology service enterprises, to provide customers with high quality laboratory comprehensive solutions.


"Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, Happiness" is the core value of all Ailex members’ common choice and common belief. We are proud of our continued efforts to pass on health and happiness to people through our superior products and services.



To contribute to human health and vitality

Core Values

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