Position:Home >News >Events >CACLPwill be held in  on July 3-5, 真人庄闲游戏. Ailex Technology Group Co., Ltd. will bring new products to the show, booth number is A7-T41.


The brand-new products that Ailex will show including: (1) AD-3000 automated allergy specific IgE analyzer, which test speed of 12 minutes for each quantitative test result makes allergy specific IgE test into a new era. (2) AS-1250/1450 automated clinical chemistry analyzers with throughput in 850 T/H and 1000 T/H respectively, which sampling system includes sample tray and sample rack as option.

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Meanwhile, as a main distributor of Tosoh in China, Ailex will also display a new TOSOH glycated hemoglobin analyzer G11, which test speed in 60 minutes per result is a revolution improvement in HbA1c test.


During the CACLP, Ailex will organize several mini lectures and interactive activities on the booth, to introduce the new products and discuss some clinically practical application. Also, lots of gift and souvenir are waiting for the quiz winner. 

Ailex looks forward to meeting with you on 17th CACLP in Nanchang, China.

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